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Getting it Right the First Time

Harold’s experience in the credit and collections field taught him the importance of banking where he knows people, and they know him. So he and UFCU were a perfect fit.

“After going to graduate school for clinical psychology at the University of Houston, I came to UTMB for two years of residency training, followed by a faculty appointment. My previous work in the credit and collections field had taught me the importance of doing my banking where I know the people and they know me.

Dr. Harold RNot only did UFCU auto loans make my car purchases possible, but UFCU also made it possible for my UTMB colleagues and me to buy an airplane to fly to meetings. We've flown to South America, New York, and Topeka, Kansas, and the UFCU loan process made it both affordable and easy.

The people at my local financial center have shown me over and over that they want to provide me with what I need at the lowest possible cost. UFCU is small enough to know me and my banking needs, and big enough to do whatever is necessary. They have always saved me money and time. In my experience, everything they do at UFCU is done right the first time, and whatever is needed gets done immediately.”

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