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Hard Work Pays Off

After being married more than 10 years and constantly on the move, Kamran and Myra were excited to finally settle down and become first-time homeowners in Austin. Myra did a lot of shopping around, but no one could match what UFCU was offering.

Dr. Kamran & Myra in their new kitchen“We had been married more than 10 years and were constantly on the move. We were so excited to finally settle down in Austin with our two young kids and become first-time homeowners. Both my husband and I were born and raised in Houston, and Austin was my number-one choice of where to live once my husband was finally done with all of his medical training, because it’s close enough to our home town and our families, and because it's Austin. Need I say more?

The whole home-buying process was close to perfect, almost as if it were a reward for our patience and his hard work during the long, grueling hours of residency and fellowship. We couldn't have asked for a better city to live in, a better builder to work with, a better location in Austin to build, or a better lender to finance with.

UFCU made everything as painless and straightforward as possible, and Tiffany was a blessing to us, always going above and beyond! We are so glad we made the choice to finance with UFCU. I am the type who likes to shop around to make sure we are getting the best deal, and we actually had another lender laugh and tell us not to waste any more time shopping around, because no one would be able to match what UFCU was offering. And this is coming from a competitor!

Needless to say, we are extremely happy and highly recommend Tiffany and UFCU to everyone. Thank you, UFCU!”

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