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App Update:

In August 2020, we released a new UFCU Mobile Banking app. Only the new app is available for download. Support for the legacy app will end after November 7, 2020. Not sure which version you have? Use our app identifier.


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Mobile Deposit

  • + What is UFCU Mobile Deposit?

    UFCU Mobile Deposit is a convenient, easy way to deposit checks from your mobile device into one of your accounts. With the UFCU Mobile Banking application you can take a photo of your check, enter the check information and securely submit your deposit for processing.

  • + Is there a fee to deposit my check with my mobile device?

    There is currently no charge associated with this service. However, there may be charges associated with text messaging and data usage on your phone. Check with your wireless phone carrier for more information.

  • + How do I know if I'm eligible to use UFCU Mobile Deposit?

    If you are eligible to use UFCU Mobile Deposit you will see the “Deposit” tab after you sign in to use UFCU Mobile Banking. You must also have a deposit eligible account, such as a checking account, to use this feature.

  • + Can I use UFCU Mobile Deposit with any mobile device?

    You must have an Android mobile device or iPhone to use UFCU Mobile Deposit. Older iPhones and devices without a camera are not supported. Your device must also have an auto-focus camera. A fixed-focus camera is incapable of taking a clear enough image for check processing. Most low-cost Android phones have fixed-focus cameras (e.g. - Galaxy Note 2, Galaxy Centura). The iPod touch is not supported at this time.

    You must also download and install the latest version of UFCU Mobile Banking to have access to the UFCU Mobile Deposit feature.

  • + How do I deposit a check?

    Before you begin, properly endorse your check. You should also place your check on a flat, dark surface with good lighting when taking the photo of your check.

    1. Sign in to UFCU Mobile Banking, and select the “Deposit Check” tab.
    2. Select the “Start New Deposit” button and navigate to the UFCU Mobile Deposit screen. You will need to complete the UFCU Mobile Deposit form in order to submit your deposit request. Note: The “Continue” will appear disabled until all required fields are completed.
    3. Select either the “Front” or “Back” camera icon to take a photo of your check.


      Try to align the check image with the Camera viewfinder frame, capturing all four corners of the check. Be sure to take a photo of the check side that matches the helper text: “Front” or “Back” in the viewfinder.

    4. Select the camera icon in the viewfinder to take the picture. If the preview looks correct, select the “OK” button. If not, simply tap the “X” and try again.
    5. After you have successfully taken photos of your check, you will see small thumbnail image previews on the UFCU Mobile Deposit screen.
    6. In the “Amount” field, enter the amount of the check you are depositing. Be certain the entered amount matches the amount on the check.
    7. Select the “Account” field to select a deposit eligible account.
    8. After all the required fields are completed, the “Continue” button will appear enabled.
    9. Enter your email address in the “Email” field if you would like to receive an email “Confirmation of Deposit.” Note: this is an optional field.
    10. Review your entries and select the “Continue” button to complete the form.
    11. Select the “Deposit Check” button to finalize and submit your deposit request.
  • + Are my checks deposited immediately?

    No. Successfully submitting your check images with your mobile device will begin the deposit process. However, the processing time to complete the deposit may vary. Check your “Deposit History” to see your deposit status.

  • + How do I view my deposit history?


    1. Sign in to UFCU Mobile Banking and select the “Deposit” tab.
    2. Select the “Get Deposit History” button and navigate to your UFCU Mobile Deposit history list.
    3. Select a single deposit to view the available transaction detail.


  • + What should I do with the hard copies of my checks?

    After successfully submitting a deposit with UFCU Mobile Deposit, it is advisable that you keep all original documents in a safe place for your personal records for a minimum of 4 business days.

  • + Will there be a hold placed on my check?

    Funds deposited through UFCU Mobile Deposit are processed like all other deposits and are subject to our Funds Availability Policy.


  • + What is CardKeeper?

    CardKeeper gives you the ultimate control over your UFCU Debit, ABILITY card(s) and Credit Cards anywhere, anytime through Mobile Banking. For fraud prevention, peace of mind and protection, you can lock your card to disable its ability to perform transactions. Transactions can be re-enabled again simply by unlocking the card.

  • + How does CardKeeper work?

    When you place the card in “lock mode,” it enables a special parameter in the authorization sequence that denies all transactions.

    Note: Recurring transactions on the card (such as cell phone, toll tags, subscription services) also will be denied when your card is in lock mode.

  • + Do I need to enroll in CardKeeper?

    Anyone with Mobile Banking access and an active Debit Card, ABILITY card and/or Credit Card can use CardKeeper. Just simply log in and access CardKeeper through the plus icon (+) in the smartphone application or the top navigation bar for the tablet application.

  • + How do I lock and unlock my card?

    To lock or unlock your card, simply navigate to CardKeeper located in the left-hand navigation drawer or top navigation bar. Then tap the lock icon that corresponds to the last four digits of your card. If you see a closed padlock, your card is locked and cannot perform any transactions. If the padlock is open, your card is unlocked and can perform transactions.

  • + Can I use CardKeeper if my UFCU Card(s) are lost or stolen?

    Absolutely! We encourage everyone whose card is lost or stolen to place that card in the lock mode immediately to prevent fraudulent transactions.

    IMPORTANT: Since CardKeeper only controls a special parameter in the authorization sequence, we strongly advise you to continue to report your card(s) lost or stolen by calling us at (512) 467-8080 or (800) 252-8311. To order a new card, please contact us during business hours.

  • + What if I forget to unlock my card, or no longer have access to mobile banking, and need to perform a transaction?

    If your card is in lock mode, the transaction will be declined. If you’re unable to unlock your card, you can contact us during business hours and our Member Service Representatives can unlock it for you. After your card is unlocked, you can have the transaction resubmitted for authorization.

  • + Can I use CardKeeper to activate a card or change my PIN?

    No. At this time, if you’d like to activate a card or change your PIN, call us at (512) 467-8080 in Austin, (409) 797-3300 in Galveston, or US toll-free at (800) 252-8311.

Text Banking

  • + What is UFCU Text Banking?

    UFCU Text Banking gives you access to your accounts via text (SMS) messages on your phone. It's a fast, easy way to look up account balances or recent account history by sending a text command to a shortcode.

  • + What is UFCU's shortcode?

    All text messages should be sent to 46379

  • + Is UFCU Text Banking supported on my phone?

    UFCU Text Banking will work on any text message (SMS) capable phone from one of our supported carriers.

  • + What carriers are supported?

    AT&T, Sprint, T-Mobile®, Verizon Wireless, Cricket, Google voice, U.S. Cellular®, MetroPCS, nTelos, Cellcom US, Carolina West US, CellSouth, Pioneer Wireless US, United Wireless, Appalachian Wireless, Element Mobile, MTA Communications, DTC Wireless US, Pine Cellular, Sagebrush Cellular USA, Chariton Valley Cellular, Bandwidth USA, Epic Touch USA, CTC Telecom Mosaic USA, Peoples Wireless USA, Duet IP Wireless Communications Venture USA, RINA USA, Siwireless USA, MobiPCS USA, Layered Communications, Cellular One NE AZ USA, Alaska DigiTel, Bluegrass, Cell 1 East Cent IL, Illinois Valley, Immix, Inland, Nex Tech Wireless, ACS Alaska, Golden State US, Thumb Cellular US, Viaero Wireless US, Plateau US, West Central WCC, iWireless, MTPCS, NW Missouri USA, Chat Mobility USA, SRT Wireless USA, SouthernLinc Wireless USA, AIO Wireless aka Jasper, Panhandle USA, Flat Wireless USA, Copper Valley USA, Cablevision USA, Leaco Rural Telephone USA, Union Wireless USA

  • + Is there a fee to use UFCU Text Banking?

    Message and data rates my apply.

  • + Will I receive unsolicited text messages?

    No. You will only receive messages when you specifically request them with one of the UFCU Text Banking commands or if you subscribe to Mobile Alerts.

  • + How do I register for UFCU Text Banking?

    To enroll in UFCU Text Banking visit our Mobile Banking Center at You will find a screen that provides an activation code as well as the instructions for activating UFCU Text Banking. After completing the enrollment, you will need to log out and back in order to return to the UFCU Mobile Banking Center.

  • + I enrolled my phone number but did not receive a text message. What should I do?

    Typically you should receive a text message within a few minutes after enrolling, however sometimes mobile carriers experience delays which slow down text message delivery. While waiting, make sure your phone has a wireless signal. In addition, be sure you entered the correct phone number on the enrollment site. If you still do not receive it, try to enroll again. If the problem continues, contact your wireless carrier to be sure text messaging is enabled on your phone.

  • + Can I use both UFCU Text Banking and UFCU Mobile Banking on my phone?

    Yes. Visit the UFCU Mobile Banking Center,, and simply add another phone number.

  • + What are the UFCU Text Banking commands?


    Balance B Summary of available balances for all accounts
    History H Summary of recent transactions per account
    Command C List of available Text Banking commands
    Help HE Help content for Text Banking
    Login L Receive a URL for the UFCU Mobile Browser website
    Stop S De-activate all UFCU text services


    NOTE: You can check for additional available commands by activating your phone and sending C to 46379.

    Send S to 46379 to if you no longer wish to participate in UFCU Text Banking.

    Send HE to 46379 for help. If you need further help, please call us at (512) 467-8080 in Austin, (409) 797-3300 in Galveston or US Toll-free at (800) 252-8311.


    (Printable pocket reference in pdf format.)

  • + Where can I find UFCU Text Banking Terms and Conditions?

    To review UFCU Text Banking terms and conditions, visit our Mobile Banking Center at