Take Control of Your Finances

Let's work together on your financial health and security. Visit our one-stop resource page if you need immediate assistance with your finances as a result of COVID-19. We can also help you create a personalized financial plan to achieve your goals and dreams. And because circumstances are constantly changing, we have created a Quick Service Guide with the most up-to-date details about locations and services, so you can quickly discover where and how to get your banking done.

Update: Our Highway 79 location has reopened as of June 29, 2020. Read More

Get COVID-19 Help Now Plan Your Financial Future

Partner Up

At UFCU, you’re a partner, not an account number. Do checking accounts the credit union way to take advantage of free features and benefits.

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Diverse, Inclusive, and Proud

UFCU is a proudly diverse, Member-owned cooperative. Our vision of social justice extends both to individual Members and to the larger communities in which they work and reside.

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What’s the Difference Between Banks and Credit Unions?

Did you know the success of your credit union relies on your success? Explore how credit unions are like homemade pie.

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Need to Transfer Money Quickly?

Consider these five ways to send money should the need arise.

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